Youth Achievement
The successful youth (16-24 years of age) must demonstrate involvement in activities that enhance the nominee’s growth and development. This award is presented as a bursary and or/academic scholarship for furthering the recipient’s studies in a post secondary institution or trade institution. (Recipient must be graduating high school in the same year that the award is presented)

Criteria to be considered will include:

  • Record of activities/achievements, which other youth can use to enhance their own growth and development
  • A personal statement of no more than 350 words
  • Evidence of discipline, leadership and commitment (ambassador for youth in a wide arena and a positive role model)
  • Demonstrates a keen sense of self and can articulate the nominee’s desired goals
  • Maintains a good standing in their educational pursuit
  • Students returning to High School are ineligible
  • Recipients must be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, conventional refugee

Nelson Mandela Youth Award
In addition to the criteria listed above, the recipient will demonstrate leadership and commitment on issues of social justice.

Lincoln Alexander Youth Award
In addition to the above listed criteria, the recipient will have demonstrated leadership on issues related to Human Rights, be a pioneer in breaking down barriers.

Raymond G. Lewis Award
In addition to the criteria listed above: this young person will have accomplished significant achievement in sports.

YWCA Award
In addition to the criteria listed above, this award is presented to a young woman who is pursuing a career in a non traditional field.

The Rev. John C. Holland Awards Introduces the Audre Lorde Scholarship.
Audre Geraldine Lorde was a black writer, feminist, womanist, lesbian, and civil rights activist, who dedicated both her life and her creative talent to confronting and addressing the injustices of racism, sexism, and homophobia.
In her honour, the Audre Lorde Scholarship was established, to recognize a black individual under the age of 29, who is currently pursuing post-secondary education, has made significant contributions to the community, and who identifies as LGBTQ2S. Our gracious sponsors are Ruth Cameron and Datejie Green.

Community Service
The successful candidate must have a record of voluntary community involvement and service that has contributed to the development and advancement of the community.
Criteria to be considered will include:
• Significant in enrichment of lives of individuals and groups, over a period of time
• Demonstration of commitment and dedication
• Exceptional volunteer service through community organizations
• Significant impact of contributions on the community

Business / Professional Achievement
The candidate(s) must currently be involved in the business sector either as an entrepreneur or contributor or demonstrate excellence in a profession.
Criteria to be considered will include:
• Significant contribution to the business community through a record of outstanding achievements
• Evidence of on-going leadership in the business/profession
• Creation of employment opportunities contributed new ideas, processes & practices that has added to the general body of knowledge in the nominee’s field and serves a framework for other practitioners
• Broader significance of nominee’s contribution to the community

Arts/Arts Industry/Entertainment Award: (In Memory of the late Jackie Washington)
Criteria to be considered will include:
• Outstanding practitioner in the performing arts ( dance, theatre and multi disciplinary groups) Visual Arts and media Arts; Literature and Publishing, Film, Video and Television
• Evidence of on-going commitment to the arts and cultural industries through arts planning and promotion
• Broader impact of nominee’s contributions to the art/art industry/entertainment

Black History Committee Awards

An Award of Merit may be conferred by the Hamilton Black History Committee members upon an individual, institution or organization, from the African Canadian community who, in the opinion of the Committee has rendered meritorious and outstanding service to the African Canadian Community at the local, provincial or national level over a period of time.

Ally Award
An Award of Merit may be conferred by the Hamilton Black History Committee members upon an individual, institution or organization who, in the opinion of the committee has rendered meritorious and outstanding support to the African Canadian community.


The 2018 Awards

Let’s celebrate the achievements of our community together

Saturday, February 10, 2018 

Liuna Station  located at
360 James St. North, Hamilton.

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Past recipients include:

1996: Mr. Michael Lee-Chin, Business

1997: Mr. Jackie Washington, Award of Merit

1998: Honourable Lincoln Alexander, Award of Merit

1998: Dr. Gary Warner, community Service Award, 2005 Recipient Order of Canada

1999: Mr. Raymond G. Lewis, Award of Merit

2000: Dr. Patricia Daenzer, Professional Achievement

2001: Ms. Ann-Marie Ssemanda, Youth Achievement

2002: Steward Memorial Church, Award of Merit

2005: Dr. Ray Johnson, Award of Merit

2008: Beverly John, Professional Achievement

2014: Beverly Tinkew-Bronte, Professional Achievement