Past Recipients

Eleanor Rodney, Community Service
Neville Nunes, Education
Derrick McAdoo, Sports
Juliet Hamilton, Science
Michael lee Chin, Business
Maurice La-Rose, Black History Award of Merit
Rev. Robert Foster,
Black History Award of Merit

Ms. Cynthia Taylor, Community Service
Ms. Joyce Brown, Arts and Culture
Mr. Scott Tyler, Education
Paul Morgan, Sports
Cheryl Sampson, Business
Agustus Conrade Thomas, Business
Kimahli Powell, Youth Achievement
Jackie Washington,
Black History Committee Award of Merit

Doreen Johnson, Community Service
Dr. Gary Warner, Professional Achievement
Harrison Kennedy, Arts and Culture
Titus Channer, Sports
Rose Drake, Business
Patricia Apangu, Youth Achievement
Honourable Lincoln Alexander,
Black History Committee Award of Merit

Ms. Mary Long, Community Service
Mr. Mervin Witter, Professional Achievement
Mr. Roger Ferreira, Arts and Culture
Mr. Ted Neptune, Sports
Mr. Brad Townsend, Business
Miss Kimberly Bruno, Youth Achievement
Mr. Ray Lewis,
Black History Committee Award of Merit

Eva Quildon, Community Service
Dr. Patricia Daenzer, Professional Achievement
Leon Robinson, Arts and Culture
Corey Grant, Sports
Reynold Austin, Business
Lisa Marie Perrott, Youth Achievement
Wilma Morrison,
Black History Committee Award of Merit

Ms. Madina Wasuge, Community Services
Ms. Anita L. Isaac, Professional Achievement
Veggie Hut Ltd., Business
Ms. AnneMarie Ssemanda, Youth Achievement
Mr. Vincent Hall,
Black History Committee Award of Merit

Norma Rookwood, Community Services
Dr. Sybil Wilson, Professional Achievement
Tanya Charles, Jeremy Shand, Youth Achievement
Stewart Memorial Church,
Black History Committee Award of Merit

Angela Dauda, Community Services
Laferne Clarke, Professional Achievement
Sam Danso, Business Award
Zahra Grant, Kesha Khan, Youth Achievement
Dr. Frederick Ofosu,
Black History Committee Award of Merit

Lloyd Turner, Community Services
George Kerr, Sports
Jairus Goodridge, Youth Achievement
Jelaine Foster, Youth Achievement
Nicole Williams, Youth Achievement
Nailah Gordon Decicieo, Youth Achievement
Aminah Rock, Youth Achievement
Dr. Juliet Michelle Daniel,
Professional Achievement Award
Dr. Ray Johnson,
Black History Award of Merit

Denrick and Evelyn Musgrave,
Community Services
Val Sargeant, Sports
Samia Omar, Youth Achievement
Christine Oluwole-Aina, Youth Achievement
Stephanie Laryea, Youth Achievement
Taryn O’Sullivan , Youth Achievement
Nancy DiGregorio, Professional Achievement
Winston Tinglin, Professional Achievement
Jean Augustine, Black History Award of Merit

Marilyn Olton, Youth Achievement
Leo Johnson, Youth Achievement
Ndinda Msiska, Youth Achievement
Marilyn Kusi Achampong, Youth Achievement
Vanessa Olton, Youth Achievement
Matthew Green, Sports
Rose Archer, Business
Liban Abdi, Community Service
Dr. Isaac, Odame, Professional Achievement
Fleurette Osborne, Award of Merit

Beverly John, Professional Achievement
Dr. Chris Spence, Professional Achievement
Cathy Ferreira, Community Service
Karen Nelson, Community Service
Mark Anthony Graham, Sports ( Post humous)
Emma Hughes, Youth Achievement
Rodney Diverlus, Youth Achievement
Kareem Ferreira, Youth Achievement
Yanicke Parkinson, Youth Achievement
Amal Elmagadam, Youth Achievement
Dr. Afua Cooper, Award of Merit

Dr. Paulin Coulibaly, Professional/Business Achievement
Patricia Wright, Community Service
Bernie Custis, Sports
Ruwa Banaga, Youth Achievement
Kyle-Andrew Ferreira, Youth Achievement
Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Youth Achievement
Natashia Cunningham, Youth Achievement
Janoi Edwards, Youth Achievement
Rosemary Sadlier, Award of Merit

Ancilla Miller, Jackie Washington Arts and Culture Award
Dr. Alezandre Dauphin, Professional
Aileen Duncan, Community Service
Tanaka Chirara, Youth Achievement Award
Baredu Abraham, Youth Achievement Award
Vanessa Sarjeant, Youth Achievement Award
Patricia Suleiman, Youth Achievement Award
Izuba Musafiri, Youth Achievement Award
Haydain Neale, Award of Merit Posthumously

Klyde Broox, Arts Award
Frederick Dryden, Community Service
Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh, Professional Achievement
Aleesha Harris, Youth
Sholeh Morgan, Youth
Ashleigh Montague, Youth
Beatrice Boateng, Youth
Brenda Chuinkam, Youth
Fergie Jenkins, Award of Merit
Joe Halstead, Black History Award of Merit

John Ellison, Arts Award
Dennis Scott, Community Service
Nerene Virgin , Business
Kristian Anson Ferreira, Youth
Tina Alexandra Traficante, Youth
Yolanda Ajak, Youth
Dejehan “Lucky” Hamilton, Youth
Kemarr Kristoff Cumberbatch, Youth
Lawrence Hill, Award of Merit
Dr. Francis Chisholm, Ally Award

Ron Summers, Community Service
Ancilla Ho-Young, Community Service
Elene Witter R.N. – Business/Professional
Jody Nyasha Warne, Artistic
Daoui Abouchere, Youth
Henry Idehen, Youth
Don Mahleka, Youth
Jamie Kasiama, Youth
Alexis Ethilda Brown, Youth
Alexandra M. Yhan-Thomas, Youth
Rev. George Horton, Black History Award of Merit
Stephen Lewis, Ally Award

Queen Cee Robinson, Arts
Beverly Bronte-Tinkew, Business/Professional
Kambreia Cumberbatch, Youth
Seynab Hassan, Youth
Jackson Holland, Youth
Hassan Ishaq, Youth
Michael Joshua Jobity, Youth
Anita McFarlane, Youth
Michael Abraham, Youth
Alexa Rookwood, Youth
Amah Harris, Black History Award of Merit
Millar Alexander, LL.B., Ally Award


Joshua Taylor – Arts
Narine Dot Sookram – Community
Garth Bell – Business
Avery Williams – YWCA – Youth
Kareem Noel-Richards – Hamilton Police – Youth
Savoy Williams – Nelson Mandela – Youth
Danielle Kydd – Linc. Alexander – Youth
Chukky Ibe – Mount Olive Lodge – Youth
Jasmine Francis – Ham. Community News – Youth
Akehil Johnson – Hamilton Spectator – Youth
Jayde Daniel-Francis – John Holland – Youth


Ruth Rodney – Professional
Adrienne Shadd – Arts
Edward Lartey – Youth Achievement
Alexandria Montage  – Youth Achievement
Chanelle Thomas –  – Youth Achievement
Phillipa Blake – Youth Achievement
Halle Bovell – Youth Achievement
Jamila Abrams – Youth Achievement
Rebecca Pettinella – Youth Achievement
Rahma Ahmed Abdi – Youth Achievement
Dr. Daniel Coleman – Ally Award
Bromley Armstrong – Award of Merit

John Holland Awards winner 2012
2012 Award Winners

John Holland Awards winner 2006
2006 Award Winners

The 2017 Awards

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Saturday, February 10, 2018 


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